Your success is our success!

Success can be measured in a number of ways. It can be academic success; measured by excellent exam grades, such as SATS or GCSEs. It could more simply be that your more confident child feels able to cope with class work that would have previously filled her with dread. Either way, the ethos at Bristol Tuition is to give every child or young person the skills and confidence that they need to believe they are capable of success.
This year, our team of professional tutors has worked with hundreds of children from a range of backgrounds and with varying abilities, to help them to achieve the success they need. We have worked with 18 different schools and other organisations across Bristol to ensure that no one is left behind in the race to achieve the best grades and, as well as being the agency that schools come back to time after time, we have received tremendous commendations from parents who have been surprised and pleased with the increased skills and confidence their children display. Comments this year have included:

‘M is a very talented teacher. He really cares…
I couldn’t recommend M more… L is happier, more vibrant and doing well at school. Her teacher is also impressed.’
‘Thank you very much for helping with R’s English. He is a different boy now. He believes he can pass his exams, whereas a year ago he felt hopeless’

Achievements such as these are significant to Bristol
Tuition, our team of dedicated tutors and, of course, our tutees. We really care about the service we give, because your success is our success!


Bristol Tuition Sponsors Drama Award

This year, Bristol Tuition was honoured to be invited to help the Cabot Learning Federation celebrate the success of their pupils in years 7-9, through the sponsorship of the Hanham Woods Academy Drama Awards. Three children who showed significant development in their attitude or aptitude were the beneficiaries of an award to celebrate their success in their achievements this year, and we wish them continued success in the future.

Bristol Tuition Supports Bristol Scholars

For the second year running, Bristol Tuition was pleased to be included in the Bristol Scholars project run by Bristol University.
We provided 20 hours of tutorial support to each of approximately 20 A Level students who needed a Grade A in their chosen subject, to obtain a cherished place at the University of Bristol. Each of the students were bright pupils who had suffered academic setbacks in school and they were selected by their school to receive the extra boost to achieve exam success. We wish them well with their University studies.

Satisfied Schools Satisfy Us

Bristol Tuition is now the largest Bristol based tutor agency working 1-1 in Bristol with children in schools or out of school settings in school hours. Our tutors help with small group GCSE preparation or 1-1 support, tailored to the individual’s need.

As well as covering the Bristol area, Bristol Tuition is proud to work with South Gloucestershire Council to provide home tuition for children in care.
If you are a UK qualified teacher seeking a self-employed placement with Bristol Tuition in Bristol or South Gloucestershire please email your CV to